Why us

It all starts with an idea...

We want to unleash your potential as you work on a range of projects for external clients and internal products.
Ideas are at the heart of what we do.

Sharing them.

Organising them.

Marketing them.

Bringing them to life and making them more actionable.

Whether we’re designing a website or launching a new productivity tool, your ideas matter.

We value

Great tech

We’re building the future we want. Our company is built on the idea that exceptional talent, given space to develop, can create exceptional tech that will change the world.

Old school service

We’ve got old school, customer-comes-first kind of values. We’re a team of innovative individuals, who are united in our purpose - bringing the best products to our users and clients.

Straight Talk

We believe in open and honest communication - we do what we say and we say what we mean.


We’re like matchmakers: The right match in tech. The right match in people. The right match in product.

What we look for

Our process

You're hired!

Grow with us

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